Viking reenactment Leeds Reenactment Mercenaries have two types of membership to join our Viking reenactment group;

Annual Membership Annual membership lasts for exactly 12 months from the date of approval by the group leader and costs £15.00 per person, at the time of writing.

Short Term Membership Short term membership last for the number of agreed upon days from the date of approval by group leader and costs £3.00 per person per day, at the time of writing.

Please note that short term members may NOT be allowed to take part in any fighting ⁄ displays, due to the lack of training.

Probationary Period

Viking Groups Leeds Each member of reenactment mercenaries is subject to a 6 months probationary period, in which time the member will be assessed by the group leader in the terms of their attitude, commitment and contribution to the group.

At the end of the 6 months the member will be informed by the group leader if they have successfully passed their probationary period.

Fighting Requirements

Any person who wishes to join reenactment mercenaries to take part in fighting displays MUST adhere to the following;

Other Information

A few pieces of information that maybe useful before contacting us;

How to become a member?

Vikings Leeds

So you have read the information above and are still determined to join?

All you have to do is simply click the button below and fill in the online form;

Once you have done this we will email confirmation that your application has been sent to us. One of our team will try to contact you as soon as possible in regards to your application.

Typically, you will either be emailed or called to discuss your membership application to ensure that reenactment mercenaries are the right group for you.

An electronic membership form will then be emailed to you for you to complete. Once this has been sent back to us, we’ll make a decision whether or not you have been accepted into our group for the probationary period.

Finally when the membership fee has been paid you will receive a membership card from us and you are in the brotherhood!

Become a Viking
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