Reenactement Mercenaries Celtic Reenactment Reenactment Mercenaries are a reenactment group that primarily offers some of the finest fighting displays in the North of England. At each show we aim to entertain and educate the public by showing the fighting styles of the chosen period, this could be anything from Roman and Celtic reenactment to Anglo Saxon and Viking reenactment.

By the end of the show we hope that each person walks away with knowledge about their own ancestors, as well as being thoroughly entertained.

To ensure the best and most realistic displays, all members of Reenactment Mercenaries undergo a rigorous training process that is regularly worked. This enables us to put on displays knowing that each member is trained with the two most important factors in mind, safety and to put the public in awe of their fighting prowess.

Nevertheless Reenactment Mercenaries are covered by a 10 million pound insurance policy, which covers us for the usages of the weapons, including archery and pyrotechnics.

History of Reenactment Mercenaries

Reenactement Mercenaries Roman Reenactment Reenactment Mercenaries was officially setup towards the latter stages of 2011, after many years of offering our services to other reenactment groups to bolster their displays and shows. The three core warriors of Nordmanni, Viking living history decided that it was more beneficial to go independent to enable them to other fighting shows and display throughout the reenactment season. Ties between the two groups remain as strong as ever with both groups being more like an extended family, which enables us to offer not only the amazing fighting displays but some outstanding living history displays as well!

Just as Reenactment Mercenaries went independent the founders of the group featured in issue 94, March⁄April, of Skirmish Living History Magazine as a part of one Roma Antiqua, a Roman reenactment group based around the North East of England.

If Nordmanni are our family, then Roma Antiqua are like our adopted family, as we have done countless shows with them over the years and absolutely love breaking away from Viking reenactment to do Celtic and Roman reenactment.

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