Who are we?

Reenactment Mercenaries are a fighting display group, with a wealth of experience from local authorities to some of the biggest Viking reenactment shows, such as the Jorvik Viking Festival.

Reenactment Mercenaries are based in the North of England with the majority of it’s members spread out between Manchester and Leeds.

What do we do?

On a typical show ⁄ event we’ll start off with a short talk about weapons and tactics used by the people we are reenacting. This could be Vikings and Anglo Saxons. Celtic warriors, Roman auxiliaries, or even Roman Gladiators.

By the end of the demonstration, we hope that the public walk away feeling throughly entertained. As well as learning in the process.

After the displays the public has the opportunity to speak to us, ask us questions, try on the armour, hold the weapons and much more!

How to book us?

Booking Reenactment Mercenaries is just a simple matter of filling in the online form via clicking the “Enquiry” button below.

Once you have submitted the online form we’ll be in touch with you within a few days.

Viking Reenactment
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